What We Do

We help communities complete their master plans so they:

  • Have proper public and stakeholder input;
  • Are current under state law and survive legal scrutiny;
  • Study existing conditions that impact the community; and
  • Give a roadmap so the planning commission has direction for the 5 year plan horizon.

We help communities fix their zoning ordinances so they:

  • Are easier to use;
  • Have pictures and graphics that show examples of specific concepts;
  • Comply with required sections of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act; and
  • Reduce frustration from municipal staff and customers.

We help communities create MDNR approved 5-Year recreation plans so they:

  • Are approved to apply for recreation grant funding;
  • Get community support for a new park or recreation improvements;
  • Understand what expenses are grant eligible; and
  • Can make accessibility improvements to recreation facilities.


Why Michigan Planning Consultants?

We bring our enthusiasm to your town to hear your story;

We work for local cities, townships and villages only – no developers or private property owners;

We peer review finished products to guarantee quality;

We provide high quality solutions that meet your community’s budget;

We value face-to-face interactions but we also reduce travel costs with on-line conferencing when appropriate;

We have experience with MEDC’s Redevelopment Ready Communities program;

We don’t have fancy offices, just excellent planners; and

We only work on master plans, zoning ordinances, and recreation plans.